04/06/2022: Home Loan Process – Do’s & Don’ts List

While working through the loan process, there are things you can do to delay your loan closing or even disqualify you from getting the loan. Here are some things to be aware of:

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Home Loans – Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How do l know how much house l can afford? A : There are many things that effect how much a borrower can afford. Job tenure, credit, down payment, debt ratios are just a few.

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04/05/2022: Mobile Wallet Explained

Have you heard the buzz lately about hands-free payment technology or mobile wallet payments? Are you curious to give it a try, but still a little uncertain about how it works?

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05/19/2021: Early Habits Equal Successful Futures

Is there anything more adorable than watching a baby say their first words? You don’t even need to have children of your own to witness this momentous occasion either, you can practically stumble across adorable, first word videos just by scrolling through Facebook. It’s actually pretty fun to watch children learn anything new.  Initially it […]

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01/28/2021: Money Saving Advice From a Latchkey Kid

Where are my people?  Raise your hand if you’ve ever worked in the food industry as a server?  Bravo!  Here’s a job that will ramp up your focus and organizational skills.  Side note:  If you’re willing to take a few diggers, try your hand at waiting tables and you’ll likely walk away with some A+ […]

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