Travel Tips

Contact your banker

If you are planning a trip, let your banker know and he or she can add a travel declaration to your debit card. We want to make sure your card isn’t flagged for fraud because you’re in an unfamiliar place.

How will you be using your debit card? Your First Savings Bank debit card may have a default withdrawal amount, which can be adjusted before your trip.

Add bank alerts

By choosing to be notified of every transaction over a specific dollar amount, you’ll know instantly if irregular activity occurs.  Click here to learn how to add alerts right from your internet banking.  After the video starts, choose Alerts from the menu on the left side.

Lighten your purse or wallet

You probably won’t need all the cards, coupons or memberships that you usually carry. Bring only a few necessary cards, just in case something is lost. Before you leave, make a copy of the cards you are bringing, including the back sides as they have phone numbers to call, just in case. Keep this copy in your hotel safe along with your passport and spare credit card, as insurance against theft.

Protect your cash

Only take the cash you’ll need for the day and leave the rest in your hotel safe.

Watch out for pickpockets

Don’t leave your bags on the floor or hanging off the back of your chair at a restaurant. And, take extra precautions when traveling on public transit. The perfect locations for thieves are crowded places.

Review your purchases

When you return from your trip, review your debit and credit card purchases. Or sign up for mobile alerts before your trip and be notified every time a purchase is made, via text. If a thief has nabbed your card information, you’ll want to alert the bank as soon as possible.