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First Savings Bank Named Financial Firm of the Year at the 2023 NAIOP Southern Nevada Spotlight Awards
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Commercial Real Estate Loans
Fast, affordable financing – tailored to your next project.

SBA Loans
Start or expand your business with loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.

Getting Prepared for The Loan Process
Financial information you may be asked to provide.

Amortizing Loan Calculator
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Commercial Banking Solutions
Explore our progressive line of services for your business.

Nevada IOLTA Accounts
First Savings Bank is an IOLTA Leadership Bank.

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What People are Saying about First Savings Bank
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Unmatched Service and Dedication
First Savings Bank has an outstanding team of Commercial Real Estate Lending experts that believe success doesn’t always follow a specific set of guidelines. It’s a craft that begins by developing meaningful partnerships. It’s the ability to recognize individual needs and the flexibility to create customized solutions. It’s being involved in and passionate about the local community. Our lenders know the market, they make lending decisions here in Henderson and they’re dedicated to your success and the success of your business.





We understand that  sophisticated commercial loans require speed and responsiveness. When conditions are competitive, the right lender is crucial to the  success of your business.


You’ll receive tailored solutions to fit your company’s unique needs. Our flexible loan solutions make it easy for investors to get the financing they need so they can focus on bringing their vision to life.


In-house loan decisions and processing by people who live in and care about  the success of the community. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re working on a multi-million dollar package, we want to see you succeed.


Commercial banking is our specialty. We have a history of success and take pride in our personal approach. Partner with First Savings Bank for a consistent, reliable and meaningful business relationship.


“We have been doing business with First Savings for years and cannot recommend them enough. They are very familiar with the Las Vegas area and are quick to work on loans and any other banking needs of ours. We have financed countless purchases and construction loans with First Savings and recommend others to do the same for a seamless process.”  – Adam Foulad, Google Review


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Building with Palm Trees


Startup. Growth. Expansion.

Our lenders remain heavily involved throughout the entire loan process and understand that speed & responsiveness are crucial to your success.

Businesses and Business Owners

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First Savings Bank is a family owned financial institution that specializes in commercial banking. Whether you're ready to purchase, develop, build, refinance or explore your options, we'd love to hear from you today!
Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you’re looking to purchase, renovate, or refinance your commercial real estate, First Savings Bank can help you achieve your goals. Our expert commercial lenders provide businesses and real estate investors with the financial solutions they need to grow and thrive. And, with a range of financial products, you can easily find a way to finance any commercial property.

Traditional Commercial Real Estate Loans

Financing for a variety of properties, including office buildings, industrial buildings, multi-family units and retail centers. With a flexible loan structure, borrowers are provided the opportunity to maximize their return on investment.

Construction Loans

Multi-stage loans that use the equity you build into your developments to unlock financing for the next phase of your projects.

Value Add CRE Financing

Bridge loans offer short-term financing designed to help you improve or resell a property when you have an opportunity right in front of you.

Land Development Loans

Loan proceeds are utilized by real estate developers to acquire and develop raw land or unimproved land parcels for future construction.

Investor Owned Residential Real Estate (IORRE) Loans

Financing provided to investors to acquire multiple SFRs, condos and townhomes for investment purposes.

Property Types
  • Multi Family
  • Mixed Use Buildings
  • Residential Investment Properties
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Centers
SBA Loans

SBA loans are designed for businesses that are looking to finance any of the following: start-up, acquisition, remodel, expansion, succession, real estate purchase/construction, equipment, leasehold improvements, inventory & working capital, franchise fees, or debt refinance. We offer a full range of commercial banking products to complement SBA lending solutions and our experienced SBA Loan Officers will guide you through the eligibility requirements to determine if an SBA loan is right for your business.

SBA – 7(a) Loans

The 7(a) loan program is one of the most popular loans utilized by small businesses. The use of proceeds may include:
  • Acquisition, expansion, renovation, or construction of Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate
  • Purchase Equipment & Machinery
  • Working Capital
  • Business Acquisition

SBA – 504 Loans

The SBA 504 Loan program is a powerful economic development loan program that offers small businesses another avenue for business financing, while promoting business growth, and job creation. The 504 Loan Program provides approved small businesses with long-term, fixed-rate financing used to acquire fixed assets for expansion or modernization. 504 loans are made available through Certified Development Companies (CDCs). 504 Loans are typically structured with First Savings Bank covering up to 50% of the total project costs, SBA providing 40% of the total project costs, and the borrower contributing 10% of the project costs. Under certain circumstances, a borrower may be required to contribute up to 20% of the total project costs.

The use of proceeds from 504 Loans must be used for fixed assets (and certain soft costs), including:

  • The purchase of existing buildings
  • The purchase of land and land improvements, including grading, street improvements, utilities, parking lots and landscaping
  • The construction of new facilities or modernizing, renovating or converting existing facilities
  • The purchase of long-term machinery and equipment with a useful life over 10 years
The 504 Loan program offers small businesses both immediate and long-term benefits which may include:
  • Up to 90% financing
  • Longer loan amortizations, no balloon payments (Equipment up to 10 years, Real Estate up to 25 years)
  • Fixed-rate interest rates
  • Projects up to $12,000,000

To be eligible for a 504 Loan, your business must be operated for profit and fall within the size standards set by the SBA. Under the 504 Program, a business qualifies if it has a tangible net worth not more than $15 million, and an average net income of $5 million or less after federal income taxes for the preceding two years prior to application. Loans cannot be made to businesses engaged in nonprofit, passive or speculative activities. Project must be at least 51% owner occupied if its an existing building and 60% owner occupied if its new construction.

Getting Prepared for The Loan Process

Let's discuss your thoughts and goals and then depending on the type and size of the loan request, you may be asked to provide the following:

Commercial Banking Solutions

Business Checking and Savings Accounts

A financial partner can help your business grow to its full potential. First Savings Bank offers experienced banking professionals here in your community, ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We offer expertise in all facets of business banking with a personal touch. Whether you have a small start-up or a multi-million-dollar company, we’re here to offer the services you need with the most current technology. We want to get to know you and your business.

View our Business Checking Account Options

View our Business Savings Account Options

Business Cash Management

First Savings Bank offers personalized cash management services to help your business reach its true potential. Our bankers are here to work with you to get to know your special business needs and help to identify the banking tools and services that will allow you to streamline your operations. We’re happy to help you set up and support the systems you need to make your business grow.

  • Internet and Mobile Banking
  • Bill Pay
  • ACH Services
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Positive Pay
  • Quickbooks Desktop Direct Connect

Learn More About our Cash Management Solutions

Nevada IOLTA Accounts

Nevada IOLTA Accounts

First Savings Bank is an IOLTA Leadership Bank (Nevada Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts) and offers IOLTA Checking Accounts. These accounts are for attorneys only. Leadership Institutions have increased their support of access to justice by paying premium rates on all IOLTA accounts under deposit. IOLTA trust accounts are intended for deposits small in amount or short-term in duration. 

Account Benefits
  • Conveniently manage client funds
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Earn a premium-level interest rate
  • Interest is automatically sent to your state Bar Foundation, which handles distribution to pro-bono legal assistance programs
  • No minimum balance requirements or monthly maintenance fees
  • Online access through PC Execubanc®, Internet Banking for Businesses
To learn more or visit with a Financial Services Representative please contact our Henderson branch at 702-990-5900. As the tax-exempt entity responsible for receiving and distributing the interest earned on IOLTAs, the Nevada Bar Foundation distributes millions in direct grants to qualified organizations across the state. The majority of Nevada’s IOLTA funds are awarded to organizations with programs that provide direct, legally-related services to the poor, victims of domestic violence, senior citizens, children protected by or in need of protection by the juvenile court, and other persons who may be denied access to justice. More than 30,000 Nevada households are served annually with IOLTA dollars. Establishing an IOLTA Trust Account in Nevada When establishing an IOLTA trust account, there are a few tips to consider:
  • Consider banking with a Leadership Institution that offers premium rates on all IOLTA accounts under deposit.
  • When naming your account, the account title should list your firm name with a subtitle of IOLTA account, trust account or client funds account.
  • The tax ID should be the tax ID for the Nevada Bar Foundation. First Savings Bank has this on record.
  • Each time you open a trust account, you must complete an Download Attorney Enrollment Form PDF.  Share a copy with your financial institution, send a copy to and keep a copy for your records.
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Real Estate Investing - How to get Started, The Beginner's Guide

As you are looking at properties, it is important to analyze and research each property so that you can determine if it makes sense financially and fits into your overall strategy.

Understand the value of the property by looking at its price per square foot, recent comparable sales, and estimated market value. The cost per square foot is important because it helps you determine whether or not there is an opportunity for profit in buying and selling this particular piece of real estate. Understand what cash flow will be available from operating expenses like mortgage payments, insurance premiums, maintenance costs, management fees/expenses etc. These numbers should also be compared against rental income so that they are accurate before moving forward with purchasing any type of investment property.

Tip:  Some companies like Colliers provide free reporting on the current market rents and vacancies.

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Building for Innovation

If you’re an architect, a developer or a contractor, how can your business benefit from innovative design and construction?

It all starts with the lender. If a lender is willing to provide financing for creative projects, then developers will want to build them and property owners will want to lease space in them. That gives architects and contractors more freedom. It also makes it easier for cities to take risks on urban planning projects that may not be profitable in the short term but could pay off over time by improving quality of life and reducing costs associated with infrastructure problems like flooding or traffic congestion.

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Did You Know That We Work With Series LLC Entities

Currently, you can only form this type of business structure in about 20 states, including Nevada.

The series LLC is a “family” of LLC’s that are overseen by a parent LLC, often referred to as a master LLC.It is a single LLC that operates as multiples. Each LLC in this family is distinct from one or another and operates independently. Assets of each series within the series are protected from the other series.

Advantages of a Series LLC

  • Reduced start up costs. Only one State Registration (Articles of Organization & state business license).
  • Each series of the LLC series are protected from debits of the series within the series. Example, if series A owes a debt to a creditor, series B has no responsibility to repay.
  • The are no limits to how many series you can set up in a Series LLC. You can have 5, 50 or even 100.
  • Can be structured for confidentiality and anonymity to a manager or member of each series.

Businesses That Can Benefit

  • Real Estate Investors - Series LLCs can be a useful tool for Real Estate investors who own multiple properties.
  • Franchisees - Each entity can isolate and protects its properties from the liabilities of other companies in other series.
  • The are no limits to how many series you can set up in a Series LLC. You can have 5, 50 or even 100.

Interested in learning more? Visit with one of our experienced bankers who work with Series LLCs.

Nathaniel Wright Jacque Kiser-Parker
Nathaniel Wright
Financial Services
Jacque Kiser-Parker Branch Manager

1700 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 101 . Henderson, NV 89012 . 702-990-5900

What People are Saying about First Savings Bank

"As a small business suffering through the mandated Covid shutdowns, this bank has been a lifesaver. Our large corporate bank could have cared less about helping us. First savings was responsive, caring, helpful and saved our business. Highly recommend this bank for personal or business needs."


"They offer outstanding customer service to small business and individuals. I wish I would have found this bank much sooner!"


"I am proud to be a customer of First Savings Bank they have helped me tremendously with a funding our new construction of our clinic and being very helpful in every step of the way!"


"We have been clients of First Savings Bank for almost 4 years and have had excellent service. As a business customer, we have multiple accounts and have had numerous instances that required special attention…every occasion has been handled professionally and in a timely manner. First Savings Bank has been a valuable asset to our business."


"First Savings Bank is great. I have been using them for years. I have a few different business accounts with them. They are always helpful and often times will go out of their way to help me. During Covid and the special PPP program, they were phenomenal. I have colleagues that bank with the big banks and they could not get the PPP funds quick at all. First Savings Bank had them distributed right away. As a business owner, I love the small bank feel where they actually know your name and needs. It’s great being able to call and get someone on the phone right away without having to go thru a bunch of recordings to speak to someone. I recommend First Savings Bank."


"I’ve gotten to know everyone at the bank and they are always there to help. What a difference to have real people who care versus my other experiences at the big banks. I highly recommend this bank."